Just call Scott and talk to him. A friend recommended him when I told her my ex-husband thought we needed to go to therapy with our kids to discuss our family issues around money. I told my ex-husband (and later my 18yo) about Scott, and neither of them was interested enough to contact him. I even sent them links to a podcast interview. Their loss. I’m so glad I took my friend’s advice. Scott has been a tremendous supporter of me. He is firmly on my team. My team wants there to only be more options for me and my kids forever. Scott encouraged me to make my budget to match my values. But he doesn’t make me feel bad when it doesn’t happen! I wish everyone could have a coach like Scott for whatever goal they have. You won’t regret talking to him. As my acupuncturist says about foods: “they can be either clarifying or congesting.” May you have only clarifying thoughts about personal finance. If you meet with Scott, you’ll know what I mean.


My husband and I contacted Scott after we got married, purchased a house, and completed some home renovations while continuing to spend our money in a manner that no longer accommodated our new lifestyle, only to realize…we were out of money! For the very first time, we overdrew our checking account. At that time, we had done little to track our finances and failed to understand where our money was going in other areas of our lives. Scott helped us understand outlets that were eating up our cash, guided us as we identified our values and financial/personal identities, and then held us accountable to monetary goals we established. In a matter of months and with Scott’s support, we were tracking our finances, making healthy purchasing decisions, and watching our savings account balances rise. Through Scott’s coaching, we began having healthy conversations about money and started managing our income in a way that aligned with the values he helped us define. Thanks to the strategies Scott coached us through, we are well on our way to living in a financially stable manner. We are highly appreciative of Scott and would recommend him to anyone seeking financial coaching.
D.B & J.C.–Ohio

After twenty years of marriage, we finally decided to get control of our personal finances and stop winging it and Scott has been the perfect partner. What I really appreciate about Scott is that he starts with helping you articulate your values and then tailors a financial plan that aligns with those values. He offers practical, easy to implement strategies for communication and planning around money and gently guides you in a positive direction without judgment. Just by realigning our spending and saving to match what is really important to us and increasing the amount of dialogue we have about our finances, we are more empowered and less stressed about money. Scott comes with our highest recommendation for anyone looking to take control of their financial life.
D.C & D.C.–Ohio

The first step is always awareness – I was delighted to work with Scott Aspelin on my finances. Together, we reviewed my budget, looked at money allocations, and his insight showed me different ways I could better use my money to reach my goals.

Scott approaches financial literacy (and fluency) in a personal, thoughtful, and engaging manner. In the time that I have worked with him, he has helped my household’s approach to finance change drastically for the better. Scott’s ability to build relationships and hold his clients accountable for their own goals is a unique strength in the world of coaching. Moreover, Scott is personally a wonderful human being to get to know and work with. Do yourself (and your family) the favor of coaching with Scott!
A.L & E.L.–Ohio 

Talking about money can be hard. Stresses. Problems. Debt. Future. But with Scott, these things are made easier as he really gets to the root of how money makes you feel and how that affects your spending and savings habits. One of the greatest things he offers is a judgement free zone. The more he gets to know you, the more he can tailor a debt-payoff and savings plan for your habits and lifestyle. We spend a lot of time talking about my money goals, and now I’m starting to see small successes toward long and short term goals each time we meet. It’s really empowering to know that I’m headed in the right direction. I had just bought a house when I first reached out to Scott, and he helped me work out a plan to pay off my credit card debt, rebuild my emergency fund, and save a little for Christmas within 12 months. Now we are adjusting the goals toward home improvement projects, retirement savings, and the all-important travel fund! I actually look forward to our video calls because I know that with each call, we are closer to my goals in a way that works for me. He has truly become a friend whom I feel has my best interest at heart. He cheers with my success and picks me up when I go a little off course. Thanks for everything!

I have had great experiences working with Scott. He spent time getting to know me, as well as my financial and life goals. He takes all of these into account when providing recommendations for bettering my finances and gives proactive feedback to my financial successes and failures. He is flexible in scheduling, and a genuine person who is easy to talk to!

Scott’s services were exactly what my fiancé and I needed as we make some big life changes. The advice and expertise that Scott provided gave us the peace of mind that we are on the right track financially and opened us up to new things that we should be practicing for financial security in the future. We would definitely recommend Scott for anyone looking for financial coaching!

Scott’s financial coaching sessions were invaluable.  He has the depth of experience to be able to provide sound advice to everyone from a novice who only recently began to budget, to someone who has budgeted for years and wants to take financial planning to the next level.  He is practical and detail-oriented in his preparation and follow-up for each session.  He has scores of intricate charts and spreadsheets at his disposal that he is happy to send along to help you prepare for each individual financial goal, everything from the best way to buy a car in the next 6 months, to growing your net worth over the next 40 years.  And he delivers this wealth of knowledge and expertise with a very positive attitude that makes you look forward not only to each coaching session, but also to your financial future.  Scott is an asset that my wife and I thoroughly recommend.

My husband and I, like many newlyweds, faced the difficult task of combining finances once we became a family. We had no clue where to start or how to balance two very different approaches to money.  Scott’s guidance and encouragement was an important part of our smooth transition into married life.  Each session, Scott helped us figure out how to set goals for our finances that reflect what our needs are as a family today and for the future. We now have peace of mind that we are making sound financial decisions together as a family. I would highly recommend Scott’s coaching sessions to everyone.

Working with Scott was enriching, life changing, priceless, a great experience, well organized, carefully thought out with great customized solutions.  We would recommend Aspelin Financial Coaching services because he is a God appointed coach with the heart for people.  He was responsive, great follow-up and follow-through, good listener, spent the time to get to know us personally and our life goals, competent and professional.  We thank him for his support and wise advice.  The confidence we gained through conversations with Scott that we can accomplish a debt free lifestyle and financial security gave us such peace and great expectations.  With God all things are possible!!!
T.T. & S.T.–Ohio

I tend to be frivolous when it comes to spending money. My idea of “financial planning” was spend what I needed to, and save whatever was left over. I met with Scott and he drastically helped me with my finances. My knowledge increased exponentially within one session of meeting with him. Wherever you are with finances, I can assure you he will be able to put you on the right track! Additionally, there are many people who say they do what Scott does however, there are not many people who are as genuine at seeing you succeed. From the time I met him, it’s evident that making money isn’t his number one priority – it’s establishing a short and long term goals to your financial success, through a two way relationship. I recommend ANYONE who may need financial guidance, retirement planning etc. to talk with him!!

For financial planning and coaching, whether you’re young or old, I haven’t found a better coach than Scott. After extensive discussions to determine what my financial goals were, Scott produced a well-researched, comprehensive and simple to understand report that enabled me to easily make long & short term decisions to protect and grow my wealth. If you need help in this area, Scott is your best bet!

Scott’s financial planning and coaching advice was superior to our previous planner’s. He created a plan and has put us on an improved financial trajectory with hopes of experiencing financial independence sooner in life. Thanks Scott!
B.M. & S.M.—Pennsylvania

Scott has helped me tremendously in planning my financial future. He is very thorough, professional and detail oriented. So, if you are looking for a financial planner and coach, look no further, Scott is the man. My wife and I depend on him a lot when it comes to financial issues and will continue to use his service in the future.
R.B. & N.B.—Texas

I worked with Scott to take a bird’s eye view of my finances and I am happy for the knowledge he gave me to help me shape up where my money is going and why it matters now, 6 months from now, 6 years from now, 16 years from now, well you get the picture. I learned, from Scott, that I wasn’t prioritizing my finances and taking care of things that ultimately kept me up at night. Now I’ve taken serious steps to reallocating how my monthly cash flow occurs and I’m more excited for my financial future as I intend to take much of his advice. He kindly pointed out my strengths and recommended what I should do with goals that I was putting on the back burner but were of equal if not more important than others.

I would highly recommend Scott to anyone, young – old, the unorganized – the organized. He was professional in our meetings. He maintained his word by keeping track of time, asking the uncomfortable questions and constructively challenging my ideas and plans. He has enthusiasm and excitement about finances and working with someone who loves what they do adds that much more trust you have in them. I trust Scott looking at my finances to the penny, breaking down my dreams in life and advising what I should do to reach my goals.