Here are a few links for other medial where I discuss financial coaching and my approach.


As I shared in some of the other pages, financial coaching definitely gets into the things of life we all associate with money like budgeting, cash flow, debt and becoming savers. The piece I share more about in this video is the absolute importance of the relational aspects of money including our financial identity and the critical role it has with each of us and why I work on this with each client. (Many thanks to Kris Miller and Flourishing Leaders for creating the video work).


Here is a podcast that I was a part of where I share about what financial coaching is and the approach I take with clients on how to improve their relationship with money while improving habits and behaviors that help to reduce stress with personal finances. (Update April 2023: The Money and the Mind guys have stopped releasing new podcasts, but the link should be active for a bit and their past episodes also have some great content and are still available for more time on podcast platforms.)

Money and the Mind Podcast: Episode 48: De-Stressing Your Financial Life with Scott Aspelin

Money and the Mind